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Criminal & Traffic Offences

How Can We Help?

Our criminal defence lawyers provide the following services:-
  • Legal advice about your rights, the strength of the case against you and legal defences available to you
  • Legal representation in Court on defended hearings, sentence hearings and appeals, and bail applications, committal proceedings and jury trials
  • Representation in the Children's Court and at Magistrate's Mental Health enquiries
  • Negotiation with NSW Police, Australian Federal Police, ATO, ASIC, Australian Customs, NSW or Australian Crime Commission and other prosecuting bodies to have some or all of the charges withdrawn
  • Attendance at Police Stations and Gaols if you have been arrested and need to apply for bail 

We have achieved WINS at Court in all of the following Traffic Offences:

Check mark symbol Common Assault, Actual Bodily Harm, Grievous Bodily Harm, Reckless or Intentional Wounding, 

Check mark symbol Domestic Violence Offences and Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO)

Check mark symbol Drug Possession, Supply, Cultivation and Manufacture
Check mark symbol Weapons and Firearms offences
Check mark symbol Malicious Damage to Property
Check mark symbol Breaking and Entering Offences, Burglary, Goods in Custody Suspected of Stolen. Larceny/shoplifting
Check mark symbol Robbery in Company, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping/Detain for Advantage
Check mark symbol Resist Arrest, Hinder Police, Assault Police and Offensive Conduct/Language;
Check mark symbol Sentence Hearings in the Local Court and District Courts
Check mark symbol Committal Hearings
Check mark symbol District Court and Supreme Court Appeals
Check mark symbol Complex fraud prosecutions brought by the NSW Police, Australian Taxation Office (ATO) , Australian        Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC); and State and Commonwealth DPP
Check mark symbol Social Security and Tax Fraud
Check mark symbol Confiscation of Proceeds of Crime
Check mark symbol White Collar Fraud Crime Offences
Check mark symbol Work Cover prosecutions
Check mark symbol Prosecutions by the Australian Federal Police for aviation security;
Check mark symbol Sexual Assault and Indecent Assault and Exposure
Check mark symbol Children's Court proceedings
Check mark symbol Applications under the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990;
Check mark symbolMagistrate's Mental Health Enquiries;
Check mark symbolBreaches of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and breach of Tree Preservations orders
Check mark symbol Dog Act offences
Check mark symbol Prosecutions by the RSPCA, and Local Court Councils
Check mark symbol Cyber bullying criminal offences of defamation and use carriage services to harrass/intimidate​​

We have achieved WINS at Court in all of the following Traffic Offences:

Check mark symbol Negligent Driving
Check mark symbol Neglicent Driving Causing Death or Grievous Bodily Harm
Check mark symbol Dangerous Driving
Check mark symbol Dangerous Driving Causing Death or Grievous Bodily Harm
Check mark symbol High Range PCA
Check mark symbol Mid Range PCA
Check mark symbol Low Range PCA
Check mark symbol Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
Check mark symbol Refuse Breath Analysis
Check mark symbol Drive Whilst License Suspended, Disqualified or Cancelled
Check mark symbol Exceed Speed

Driver Licence Disqualification Reform in NSW

The Road Transport Amendment (Driver Licence Disqualification) Act 2017 came into force on the 28th of October 2017 in NSW to protect the community’s safety and to minimise repeat offending and unauthorised driving.

Before this amendment, drivers who committed a driving offence could have been disqualified for more than a decade. This lengthy disqualification period led to many disqualified drivers illegally taking to the road and consequently reoffending. The reforms provide these disqualified offenders with new avenues for lawful and regulated driving if they demonstrate their compliance with the disqualification.

It also gives greater police powers to crackdown repeat offenders and certain serious driving offenders. The new reforms will:

• enable the Local Court to lift the disqualified period early for certain disqualified drivers who have complied with their disqualification period for a minimum of two to four years;

• empower police to confiscate number plates or vehicles for a period of three or six months for repeat unauthorised drivers and those committing certain serious driving offences;

• abolish the Habitual Traffic Offender Scheme, which has shown no effect of deterrence;

• establish mandatory disqualification periods for unauthorised driving offences and reduce maximum imprisonment terms for unauthorised driving offences; and

• ban anyone who has been convicted of driving offences relating to death or grievous bodily harm from making an application to lift their disqualification period.

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